Saturday, 11 October 2014

Aplikasi Lock Password Pada Android

Pada malam yang cukup dingin saya akan share tentang Aplikasi Lock Password Pada Android. Nah kalau selama ini kita cuma mengenal mempassword hanya pada saat kita membuka smartphone kita,Namanya adalah Perfect App Lock  nah aplikasi ini khusus untuk mempasword

Aplikasi Lock Password Pada Android

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chants MU

Malam hari ini saya akan share khusus bagi penggemar sepakbola terutama fans Manchester United

Langsung dihafalin aja nih chants MU di bawah ini :

1. We Are The Busby Boys 
Hello! Hello!We are the busby boysHello! Hello!We are the busby boysAnd if you are a City fan surrender oryou’ll die,We all follow United

2. We'll Never Die United’s flag is deepest redIt shrouded all our Munich deadBefore their limbs grew stiff and coldTheir heart’s blood dyed it’s ev’ryfoldThen raise United’s banner highBeneath it’s shade we’ll live and dieSo keep the faith and never fearWe’ll keep the Red Flag flying hereWe’ll never die, we’ll never dieWe’ll never die, we’ll never dieWe’ll keep the Red flag flying high‘Cos Man United will never die 

3. Stretford Enders Bertie Mee said to Matt Busby‘Have you heard of the North Bank,Highbury?’‘No,’ said Matt, ‘You cockney twat,But I’ve heard of the STRETFORDENDERS!!’ 
4. United Calypso 

Manchester, Manchester UnitedA bunch of bouncing Busby BabesThey deserve to be knighted!If ever they are playing in your townYou must get to that football groundTake a lesson come and seeFootball taught by Matt Busby

5. United are the team for me U-N-I-T-E-DUnited are the team for meWith A knick knack paddy whack giveadog a boneWhy dont City f*ck off home 

6. Jingle Bells Jingle bells,Jingle bells,Jingle all the way,Oh what fun it is to see,United win away

7. The Pride of All EuropeWe are just one of those teamsThat you see now and then,We often score sixBut we seldom score ten,We beat em at homeAnd we beat em away,We kill any bastardsThat get in our way;We are the pride of all EuropeThe cock of the North,We hate the ScousersThe Cockneys of course (and Leeds!),We are UnitedWithout any doubt,We are the Manchester boys

8. If You Come From Manchester If you come from ManchesterYou’re sure to be a blue,Moston, Collyhurst, Salford, Ancoatstoo,And if you think that this is true you’renothing but a fool,Cos in the town of ManchesterMan United ruleTra la la laaaaa we all hate CityTra la la la la la la laYou can stick your Bayern MunichJuventus Ajax too,There’s only one collosal team theyplay in laser blue,They’re gonna beat United, like onceupon a timeThey’re gonna conquer Europe likethey did in 69Tra la la laaaaa we all hate CityTra la la la la la la la 

Maaf kalau hanya beberapa chants saja dan ini juga belum termasuk chants untuk para pemain - pemain Manchester United , lain waktu bisa saya tambahkan.

Sekian postingan saya tentang Chants MU Terima Kasih.